Terms & Conditions

  1. Contact Adam Wickam for lead time and availability. Accelerated schedule options may be available at time of order placement.
  2. Orders less than full truck load may be held awaiting other shipments to the same general delivery area.
  3. Prices are f.o.b. origin with freight allowed to the jobsite with unloading by others at a truck accessible location.
  4. Load rating is based on live off loading ONLY and is the responsibility of others. 
  5. The loads will be delivered as close to the project location as trucks can reasonably access and be driven under their own power without specialized equipment. Oversized loads warrant additional consideration and providing suitable access shall be the responsibility of the contractor/customer. The driver(s) will leave hard surface public roads only at their discretion but is not obligated to do so. If driver agrees to access a site under any other conditions, customer may be subject to additional costs. Due to curfews and other travel time restrictions on over dimensional loads, the customer shall be responsible for additional costs associated with weekend, holiday or Monday delivery requests.  Cancellation of scheduled delivery loads requiring permits within 48hrs may result in additional permits and will be the responsibility of the purchaser. Specialized haulers and or equipment are utilized in the shipping of bridge components (ie “trailer rental”), costs incurred by CONTECH due to cancellation and or postponement of the delivery of bridge components will be the responsibility of the purchaser. Staging/Jockeying of trailers can be provided upon request for an additional fee.
  6. Quotation is based upon estimated (not guaranteed) quantities. Buyer must verify final quantities needed prior to commencement of work by Contech. If Buyer elects to purchase from Seller only a portion of the material quoted, Seller retains the right to adjust its prices.
  7. This material will be manufactured for this particular order and is not subject to cancellation
  8. Prices do not include assembly. Some or substantial assembly is required and is the responsibility of Buyer.

See Contech Conditions of Sale for details.

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