Delivery Point Acceptance

Delivery to be by highway tractor-trailer and as close to the project location as trucks can reasonably access and be driven under their own power without specialized equipment (e.g. steerable dolly, transfer cranes, etc.) Unloading time exceeding 1½ hours per load will be billed at $150.00 per hour. Any delays by customer exceeding 3 ½ hours could result in additional expenses to the freight carrier for additional loss of revenue.  

Customer shall be responsible to provide suitable facilities for storage and unloading. Customer shall verify the condition and quantity of product and materials with the trucker Bill of Lading within 24 hours of delivery and shall notify Contech in writing of any discrepancies within the same time period. If notice is not received within 24 hours, then Customer waives it right to claim and it will be at Contech’s sole discretion to decide if a remedy is appropriate.

Contech will not be responsible for any loss or damage to products and materials after delivery. Installation by customer constitutes acceptance of product and/or materials supplied. Delivery Dates:

After an order has been placed, Contech and the Customer will agree upon a delivery date(s) (“Delivery Date(s)”) which will be confirmed by Contech.

Transfer of Title

Transfer of title to the Customer for goods delivered pursuant to this Quotation shall occur at the time of delivery in instances when Contech is responsible for transportation. For Customer arranged transportation, transfer of title will occur at the time of pick-up from Contech facilities or designated suppliers.

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