Big R Cattle Guards are an important part of winter work for many counties in the western United States.  County road and bridge shops understand that outdoor work gets tough during cold weather and that makes winter the right time for indoor cattle guard welding. 

Big R Cattle Guard kits come pre-cut to length and bundled with all the parts you need to build your own cattle guard.  Our kits do not include paint since it is labeled a hazardous shipping material. We can, however, recommend the nearest Sherwin Williams and discuss your paint requirements if any.

Check out our CattleGuard Kit Welding instructions:

Typically, we offer BLM or Heavy Duty Cattle Guards as kits.  If you need several kits of another grid type, feel free to give us a call and discuss your options.  We offer pre-welded wing kits in quantities of 10 or more (not individually packaged). 

It is more cost effective for us to weld wings in batches of 50 than to sell them individually as unwelded kits. If you want less than 10 wings, just buy unpainted wings, and thank us later. 

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