Animal Guards

Animal Guards are used to keep animals in or out of a fenced in area, allowing safe passage of vehicle traffic without having to get in and out of a vehicle to open and close a gate. 

While animal guards were first created to keep domestic animal inside of corrals and pastures, they are now frequently used to keep wildlife off roadways. 

Another common use keep animals, domestic or wild, from destroying landscaped areas.  The animal guards must be selected based off the jumping distance of the animal you are trying to deter.  Animal Guards vary from 3’ in the driving distance to 20’ in the driving distance. 

Road width is made up from one or more panels to meet project specific requirements. Animal Specific Guards include desert tortoise, peccary (javelina), wild pig, sheep, wild horse, small deer, large deer, and bison. 

We have even matched our grids to the jumping ability of exotic animals in high fence ranches and zoos. 


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    As low as $3,344.19
  2. BLM Cattle Guard
    As low as $2,400.00
  3. Heavy Duty Cattle Guard Grid
    As low as $2,781.25
  4. Large Deer Guard Grid
    As low as $3,251.25
  5. Small Deer Guard Grid
    As low as $2,979.90
  6. Ultra Heavy Duty Cattle Guard Grid
  7. USFS Cattle Guard Grid
    As low as $2,603.45

8 Items

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