Guard Accessories Guide

As part of the innovation of our Big R Guards product line, we’ve researched the various customer uses of guards and created a portfolio of accessories that meet our customers’ needs.  Having a robust grid is the start of a system, but it’s the accessories that fine tune that grid to match your specific use.

Cattle Guard Wings

  • provide a rigid tie-in between the grid and the fence. 
  • Prevents cattle from jumping the grid corner

Grater Blade Rails

  • common addition in snowy areas
  • keep the snow plow or road graders blades from hooking the cattle guard as they go over the grid. 

These pay for themselves quickly if your grid is to sit on a county road where the plows drive 40 miles and hour to clean 300 miles of road in an 8 hour period. They may also be worth the investment for grids on roads with frequent road grating. The hope is that graters would see the large, bright, cattle guard and lift the blade, and snow plowing is the main risk factor for damage. 

Lifting Lugs

  • Used to sling cattle guards on the beams
  • Insures that there are no issue unloading and setting the grids. 
  • Required on some jobsites.

Creek Guard Side Rails

  • Extent rails used to show the edge of the grid only
  • Removable

If you want an expanded metal walkway, it is recommended that the walkway be located outside of the main tire travel as it will stretch and ripple over time.  By having the walkway either in the center or on the edge, the walkway will stay flat, safer and easier to traverse.

Tube Curb

  • The 12”x12” Square Tube welded to the grid provides a safe way to ensure that vehicles stay on the guard.
  • Can be combined with Creek Guard Side Rails
  • Include Capped Ends

Be sure that your traveled way is still adequate since you will be loosing 1’ of width from each side of the guard by using these curbs.

Cattle Guard Wing Post

  • Attaches to the cattle guard structure
  • Supports the gate
  • Provides fence attachment hooks and gate locking posts

Gate Support Wing

  • Mount your gate on the gate support wing
  • Includes loops for wire fence attachment
  • Can be easily removed
  • Often ordered with gate supports on each side for latching or double gate installation
  • Requires a welded Receiving Tube on the guard, which is installed by us, if ordered with a guard. Receiving tube shipped loose if ordered separate.

Neoprene Bearing Pad

  • ¼”x 9”
  • 60 Durometer
  • Can be cut in strips and used only directly under the beams to cut costs.  Must use adhesive to stick down the strips if not full lengths
  • Recommended but not required

Some accessories and some animals do not mix.  If you are trying to keep deer in or out, you wouldn’t want to add an expanded metal walkway to that grid, as it would provide a walkway for the animals you are managing. If you have an instance where in you need grader blade rails with an animal guard other than cows, give us a call and we can provide a solution.

Our accessories are designed to help make our systems as easy to use and effective as possible. We are open to your feedback on items we should include that would make your life easier.

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